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All These dogs eat R.A.W.

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All ingredients found in The Real Animal Way Pet Food Company (R.A.W.) Canine Formula are first quality. R.A.W. sources its ingredients from U.S.D.A. approved facilities that supply restaurants and grocery stores.

The R.A.W. Canine Formula is full of easily-absorbed, high-quality protein, natural vitamins and minerals from fresh meat, bone, vegetables and fruit. The fresh ingredients are then blended together based on The Real Animal Way Pet Food Company's formula. That's all. Preservatives, chemicals and nutrient destroying heat are absent from your pet's food.

This makes the R.A.W. Canine Formula a natural and nutritious diet for your pet, helping to provide the highest level of health, well-being and happiness.

Increasingly, grains are suspected of causing many adverse health conditions in dogs and cats. These animals need easily digestible, fresh protein sources for optimum health. The plant proteins in cereal grain do not provide as much of the nutritional availability, active enzymes or the essential amino acids as the R.A.W. Canine Formula.

To provide the most nutritious pet food,
ensuring the highest level of health, well-being and happiness for the world's companion animals.

Being animal lovers, we at R.A.W.
saw that feeding our pets in a more natural way provided them
with better health, vitality, and spirit. Altogether,
these contribute to more joy of life for them and for us.
We want to share that with you.

My dog already seems healthy. Why would I need to switch to the R.A.W. diet?

Even when our customers said their dogs seemed "healthy" before switching their diet to the R.A.W. Canine Formula, they still saw improvements such as, a shinier coat, fresher breath, less odor, less scratching, greater vitality, easier weight control and better disposition.

Since the food is moist, will my pet's teeth need more cleaning?

Most of our customers report that their dogs teeth are cleaner than when their pets were on a high carbohydrate/grain-based diet.

What about bacteria?

Dogs have evolved eating a diet of fresh food which has always had a certain amount of naturally occurring bacteria. Their fast-acting digestive systems and shorter GI tracts are designed to handle these naturally occurring bacteria while fully utilizing the nutrients found in the fresh food of the R.A.W. Canine Formula. Fresh food helps support the highest degree of health.

Does my dog's stool change?

Yes. The stool from the R.A.W. Canine Formula is small, firm, and virtually odor free. It "ashes" over in about a week and breaks down very quickly. This makes for less flies and other insects around your house, creating a safer environment for your family.

As with any diet change, swith to the R.A.W. Canine Formula gradually over a week's time by slowly increasing the amount of R.A.W. Canine Formula while decreasing the other food. We recommend R.A.W. Canine Formula for your pet's main diet. It can also be used as a supplement or a treat.

Feed 2-4% of your dog's ideal body weight (depending on activity level) of R.A.W. Canine Formula per day for maintenance (i.e. 50 lb dog, feed 1-2 lbs per day).

Feed 10% of your puppy's body weight of R.A.W. Canine Formula per day until approximately 4 months of age. Divide this amount into at least 2 meals per day. Gradually reduce portion as puppy matures and adjust to maintain ideal weight.

Chicken (w/bone), Lettuce, Chicken Hearts, Chicken Livers, Carrots, Apples,
Celery, Alfalfa, Flax Seed, Parsley, Sea Kelp.

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